Boost your shortlist with hotskilled talent

MazeID is talent sourcing reinvented through tech. Let’s take the hunt out of headhunting and introduce the match. This is a magic matching machine built on talent terms.

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Minimise the time and money you spend on sourcing talent.
Instant access to talent matching your needs.
Pay on delivery
Match on talents ambitions, availability and salary expectations.

The magic matching machine

We believe that a machine can do sourcing smarter, better, faster, smoother than any human can. For a machine to do it brilliantly, rich and clean data is gold.

Result: a win-win match

Considering dealbreakers, guiding you to top matches and explaining the match visually

Catch someone’s best colleague

MazeID is filled up with hotskilled talent. Everyone has been vouched for as someone's best colleague, from someone that has been vouched for as someone's best colleague. And so on :)

Talent in MazeID

Most popular skills

Common current positions

Blind sourcing kills bad bias

In the maze, part of the magic sauce is most definitely the anonymity. This is in high demand from talent in high demand, because they can let the market (you!) know what they want - without burning bridges.

At the same time. You will get the help you (we all!) need with unconscious bias.

Name, age and gender are hidden while skills, drivers, values, team personality and preferences on culture and leadership is shown. Experiences and merits are shown but its brands and dates are hidden.

Blind sourcing will make you see clearly!

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