MazeID - talent sourcing reinvented through tech

Imagine a whole new way of being headhunted! Where a machine does the job; smarter, better, faster, smoother. Where you set the terms, you are anonymous, and it’s about your future instead of your past.


We have now opened up for hot skilled people (by invite only). Through MazeID their future job goals become anonymously searchable to recruiters.

BETA (soon)

Second step is our beta, where our magic matching machine starts connecting hot skilled talent to companies who need them.

MazeID will be free for hot skilled talent, but not for the recruiters that want to get in contact with them. In SNEAK PEEK STAGE however, MazeID is FREE FOR ALL.


Want to know even more? Do you want to invest in us, work for us, collaborate with us or do you have a media or speaker request, visit the mother of MazeID – MatchingID.