Imagine a whole new way of being headhunted

Based on your terms. On your goals. On your deal-breakers and values. MazeID is an operating system for work dreams with a this-is-how-I-want-to-be-headhunted filter. Hot skills equals power today, we help you leverage it. Anonymously. 

No time wasted, yours is too precious
No negotiations, we respect your terms
No recruiter spam, personal asks only
No CV, or similar last century stuff

Currently active in Stockholm, focusing on these skills and personality traits.

No networking,
No CV, No room for BS or discrimination

We use tech and smartness to completely remove the hassle, the spam and the risk of burning bridges with your current employer, while finding your next adventure.

We turn your ambition, values and drivers into 1’s and 0’s that a machine can learn from - and match you based upon.

Invite only - Get in line

We are in Beta, invite only – and yet, you managed to find us! Since you did, we are curious about you! Tell us more about yourself in order to get in line.

MazeID for Business

Take the hunt out of headhunting and introduce the match. Boost your shortlists with hotskilled talent.